Covid 19

There are TOP COVID-19 CHANGES to expect at your next mobile massage appointment.

   1. Covid-19 Client declaration form: I will ask you to fill out a Covid-19 Client Declaration form when you book and prior to every appointment you have. This will be regardless of how well you know me – the form must be completed for each appointment.

   2. Face shields: I will be wearing a face shield. It is compulsory for the therapist to wear a face shield but not compulsory to wear a mask. If you feel more comfortable that I wear a mask as well, please let me know. 

   3. Slightly longer appointment times: Your appointment will take longer than normal and although your treatment time will be the same, I will have to be with you a bit longer to thoroughly clean all my equipment before packing away.

   4. Frequent hand washing: Expect me to wash my hands more frequently and for longer. I'm not required to wear gloves, but I will be washing my hands as much as possible and using hand sanitiser.

   5. Apron wearing: I will probably be wearing an apron, either disposable or one that they can wipe down with disinfectant, or changing clothes before each appointment.

   6. Last-minute cancellations: Be prepared for last-minute cancellations I will constantly be monitoring my health and be asking the questions that are on the client declaration form myself all the time. Should there is any risk to my clients I will cancel and rearrange the appointment for at least 14 days time.

   7. I will also ask you to open a window to ventilate your treatment space and shower and/or wash your hands just before your treatment. (I know you do it anyway! 

Strange times and a lot for us all to get used to. Whilst I realise that this can all seem quite overwhelming and all the PPE creates a horrible barrier between me and my clients, I really hope that you appreciate that all these precautions are there to safeguard you as well as us and any other clients.